WEN 3920 16-Inch Two-Direction Variable Speed Scroll Saw Review

Determined to make your innovative cuts accurate and precise, this WEN 3920 speed scroll saw is a must keep for your workspace. With a 16-Inch variable speed and an amazing design that accepts blades in both the direction, this WEN scroll saw will definitely win your hearts. At least it won mine! To help you have a better understanding of this tool, let me first give inform you about its technical specs.

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Product Highlights

  •    It has a variable speed that ranges from 400 to 1600 spm. This is very flexible and can easily be adjusted by the knob in the front part of the machine that controls the speed.
  •    It has a stunning mechanism where it accepts blades in the standard direction and also at right angles which gives it a capacity to infinitely cut through.
  •    It has a generous 16 by 11 table that provides ample space to work and tilts up to 45° to its left. This ensures angled curvy cuts.
  •    With a 16-inch depth of the throat, it can cut through 2 inches thickness of a wood. This will give you an absolute control over your creative output.
  •    It comes with a flexible LED Light for work that can easily be adjusted to light the workpieces irrespective of their shape and size.
  •    We must all have had instances of our work pieces vibrating and going off in different directions. Not anymore. The WEN variable speed scroll saw comes with a clamp that prevents the workpieces from hovering towards different directions and keeps it fixed.
  •    It also has a strong cast iron base that limits any kind of vibrations during work.



Firstly, this tool uses both pinned as well as pinless blades and handles them both with brilliant ease. For this, you need simply to take the pin out of the holder and turn the blade at 90°. Also, the pinless blade holder firmly holds the blades in place so as to prevent them from coming out loose. Then there is the variable speed that ranges from 400 to 1600 spm and can very easily be adjusted by a knob that controls speed situated at the front part of the machine.

Ample Illumination at the Workspace

This WEN scroll saw blesses us with an attached LED light which is movable and can be adjusted to provide a better view of the work pieces we are working at. Given that there are a lot of indentations and curves involved, this illumination comes really handy.

Easy Mechanism and Efficient Performance

There is a tension release switch that is situated right at the top of the machine for instant blade changes and which you can easily access. It can easily cut through a wood of up to 2 inches thick effortlessly.


What turned me off about this tool was that even though it could be used on a table top, it is not possible to bolt it down which leads it to vibrate and bounce a lot. Also, mounting the blades takes up some time.

Sum up

Given the price at which it is offered, I was quite impressed with the tool. With the combination of its variety of features, it does enhance your work speed and ability to create intricate designs with thick pieces of logs. It’s sort of effortless to use. I won’t call it exceptional. It just works fine for what it is designed to do.

  • October 1, 2016
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