Makita XCU02Z Cordless Chain Saw Review

This Makita XCU02Z is a shocker. Power packed with a pair of 18V LXT batteries, it delivers high-end performance along with a maximum run time. It ensures speedy and faster cutting with the least noise. All thanks to its environment-friendly self with absolutely no emission, we can finally vouch for a pollution free environment. This beauty keeps itself fit and needs no help from us in terms of maintenance. I’ll go through its characteristics in detail to give you a fair idea about this product.

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Features at a Glance

  •    The motor is built in such a way such that it provides a chain speed of 1650 fpm. This ensures a faster cutting speed.
  •    It has a hand break in the front that activates the chain break when occupied.
  •    It has a pair of 18V LXT batteries of Lithium-Ion that delivers absolute power and high end performance while still maintaining its 18V LXT class. This also ensures an immediate startup.
  •    It delivers absolute comfort in terms of noise as the noise levels are very low. Besides this, there is nil emission.
  •    Here comes my favorite part. It is a cordless model which means my movement isn’t restricted because of wires. There is absolutely no need to change the spark plug or alter engine oil as well.
  •    You won’t even need to clean the air filter or even drain excess fuel for storage purposes.
  •    You can use it even for tough jobs or on cacophonous sites as it has a foolproof-protection technology that provides a great water and dust resistance.
  •    It is designed in a way that it ensures a soft and comfortable grip at the handles. This also makes cutting or applying pressure while cutting, easier and smoother.

What I Liked


The silent-operation of the unit has to be its biggest plus. The saw has very low noise level, ranging only till 89 dB and gives absolutely no emission.  It gives topmost priority to the comfort of the operator.


For lessened maintenance, this machine comes with no cords to handle. The maintenance hassle is almost next to zero. It saves me the effort of changing its engine oil or even alter the spark plug. There is no need to clean the air filter. Besides this, due to its weight, it is very easy to handle.


It is very adaptable in the sense that it comes with tool-less adjustment of chains which means suitable maintenance and operation. It also has a hand guard in the front that triggers the brake when it’s engaged. Also, it comes packed with electric brake, resulting in better productivity and maintenance.

What I Disliked

The Makita Chainsaw, however fast, is not as powerful as a gas machine. This was a bit of a disappointment for me.


On the whole, this Makita chainsaw is a must try. Working with it is very efficient and absolutely effortless. It is odorless and does not produce major fumes and even maintains low noise levels. Even though it is not as powerful as a gas machine, it is fast enough and works just fine. Being cordless adds to its ease of handling. Its power-packed Makita built motor delivers fine performance and can cut through huge chunks effortlessly. Considering all these factors, it makes sense to call it a worthy investment.

  • October 29, 2016
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