Husqvarna 450 Gas Powered Chain Saw Review

I have always had a fascination of having a beautiful outdoor garden, and this Husqvarna chainsaw kind of helped me achieve that dream. It is a perfect blend of a range of features that deliver each performance brilliantly and makes my garden the envy of my neighborhood. This powerful all-round saw is easy to handle and  use. It perfectly fits the needs of brilocuers and homeowners. It is very easy to operate and is equipped with fuel pump and smart start. Let’s steal a glance at its features.

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Features in a Nutshell

•    It has a powerful 1.8 HP X-Torque Engine that maintains low emissions. It delivers 3.2 HP which makes it a perfect fit for medium duty work like pruning and household trimming.

•  The engine boasts a special technology that minimizes the emission level by 3/5 and consumption of fuel by around 30%. Maximum work is done with minimum pollutant output.

•    The Husqvarna 450 has a durable and long lasting engine. It utilizes a crankshaft that has been compressed for super durability. The chainsaw has a cleaning system that cleans the air and in the process helps to maintain engine life by eliminating harmful debris right in time.

•    It doesn’t take long to startup. The tool uses a stop control that allows the engine to startup easily with the least effort. It even has an optimized fuel pump that keeps the fuel flow clear, thereby facilitating easy startup.

•    As previously mentioned, it has a light built which prevents any strain to your body. Its anti-vibration cushions very effectively absorb all vibrations, sparing your body from spraining. This lets you work for long hours comfortably.


Easy Operation

The Husqvarna 450 is engineered for both fast actions while cutting and even when the chainsaw needs to be modified. It has a cylinder cover with a snap lock facility that buys you a lot of time for cleaning the units. It also ensures quick and easy tensioning of chain and constructing the bar. The transparent indicator makes it handy to check the level of fuel.


The Husqvarna 450 has been built to withstand years of use. The crankshaft that it uses has been forged and ensures a superior durability.

Effortless Startup

Precious pretty minutes are not wasted in starting the engine. The chainsaw has a combined choke control that allows the engine to start up easily and run smoothly further. It also reduces the risk of flooding. The resistance in the starter cord has been reduced by 40%. The fuel lines stay clear and help the engine to start smoothly.


It’s a pity that a tool so helpful cannot be used for bigger projects. It is limited to trimming and pruning and mowing and the likes.

Sum up

The Husqvarna 450 Chainsaw is a perfect tool for nurturing your garden and outdoors. It is designed in a way to fit the needs of an avid gardener perfectly. With a durable, low emission engine, it comes in handy for homeowners. It is designed with an inertia activated chain brake which reduces the probability of an injury due to  kickback. Even though unviable for enormous projects, it fits exactly for the purpose it has been built. Overall, it is a must buy for all those who are fond of maintaining their outdoors.

  • October 28, 2016
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