DEWALT DW788 1.3 Amp 20-Inch Variable-Speed Scroll Saw Review

I’m a bricoleur, and I love making things. When I heard about Dewalt Scroll Saw, I knew I had to buy it. The DEWALT DW788 is a beauty of a tool. It has a distinct parallel design that carves on both fronts with the least effort. It is easy to handle with adjustable tables. With very low vibrating motions and effortless operation, this saw is a timesaver. Designed extravagantly, it proves to benefit us with its efficient performance. Let’s go into the details.

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Feature Highlights

  •    It has a distinct arm design that ensures accurate cuts. It works reliably irrespective of whether you are designing jigsaw puzzles or building unique art pieces. It has a link arm that helps it to craft on both the sides simultaneously.
  •    The arms are cautiously prepared to limit vibrations. The arms are specially designed from the back to the front in a way that shortens the distance for the arm to move and allows efficient operation thereby reducing vibrations.
  •    Besides the saw’s brilliant design, the comfortable controls formulated by Dewalt keeps the workflow smooth. All the mechanisms are located within an easy reach.
  •    Cleanliness at the workplace is very important and that is what this scroll saw makes sure. The movable dust blower is also located within an arm’s reach in a way that it can easily be operated whenever needed.
  •    It comes with a variable speed control feature that enables you to make precise adjustments. It depends on 1.3 Ampere motor that provides a stroke length ranging from 3/4th of an inch to 2 inches deep cuts.



The saw is capable of making intricate cuts. It has a unique arm that links up on both the fronts of the arm and creates various designs flawlessly. It does all this with the least vibration. You can even keep the blade of the saw at right angles vertically to whatever you are working on and it will still work perfectly without over or under cutting.


The saw comes with a huge iron table that gives amazing support, irrespective of whatever you are working on. As if this wasn’t much, for bonus versatility, the table can move 45° to the right as well as left. Whether you want to make intricate, delicate cuts or aggressively rip off something, the tool-less blade grips allows you to frequent between different sizes in a matter of seconds. Besides this the arm is very easy to lift.

Easy Handling

There is a power or an on-off switch, a blade-tensioning lever and a speed controller and each serves its respective purpose. The catch here is that all are located on the upper front arm which is easy to reach for the operator. Even the dust blower that is responsible for clearing off the dusts and debris from the workspace is also located in the same position for easy handling.


The problem with Dewalt Scroll saw is that it doesn’t take the beating given to it. While trying to cut through a thickness of 3/4th of a block of wood, even though it will cut through this thickness easily, it wouldn’t be able to keep up before jumping to any pace.

Sum up

To conclude, I can safely say that the Dewalt Scroll Saw is a beneficial product which can make accurate cuts with absolute ease and efficiency. It is not very difficult to handle and provides high-end performance with least vibrations. Do take into account the kind of cutting you want to perform with this saw taking any decision.

  • October 30, 2016
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