Lincoln Electric VIKING 3350 Welding Helmet Review

The designers down at Lincoln Electric know that welding is a tough job and that is why the Viking 3350 aims primarily to please. The helmet is designed to provide unmatched and unparalleled comfort. While fashion and welding never mix well, this helmet is available in a whopping 10 different styles ranging from the classic black to the stylish zombie variant. The Viking 3350 manages to combine the dual elements of safety and style in equal proportion to create a killer of a product.

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Before getting into the in-depth analysis, let us have a quick glance over the product specifications:

Features of Lincoln Electric VIKING 3350

  •    Auto-darkening while having been a revolutionary feature a few years back is a common feature nowadays. But the Viking 3350 takes it a step further by introducing adjustable setting with which you can control the lens sensitivity.
  •    The latest 4C lens technology employed by the Viking 3350 means that the user can have access to crystal clear vision at every instance. The auto-darkening feature primarily focuses on four categories – Diffusion of Light Class, Angle of Transmittance, Optical class, and Variations in Luminous Transmittance.
  •    The viewing area of the helmet is vast and can be used in the most enclosed of spaces to effortlessly continue work.
  •    The Viking 3350 is powered by a solar powered battery which is also easily detachable. The lithium ion batteries used are far lighter than the traditional lead battery.
  •    To provide a better support, the helmet has a very efficiently designed support suspension system. The system allows you to lighten the load the hood places on your neck and shoulders.


Large View Window

The view window size of this helmet is the first thing that caught my attention. First of all, the gear fits snugly irrespective of the size of the head. Most of all, the screen size with 4 optical types allows for a wide field of vision. As an artist, I would appreciate a helmet like this that helps me have a full control over the delicate spots.

Extremely Responsive

As opposed to most other welding helmets which have two arc sensors, the Viking 3350 is fitted with four arc sensors that allow a holistic experience when it comes to using the mask. The sensors help to catch the spark by welding and also provide a crystal-clear view of your action.

Look and Feel

The wide range of colors and designs these helmets come in will keep your swag quotient upswing. I loved the fitting. Wearing it for long hours doesn’t put excessive strain on your head and shoulders. If heavy-duty helmets have previously caused you headache or suffocation, you won’t regret this investment.


  •    The black coating on the frame isn’t long-lasting.
  •    As most of the components of the helmet are metallic, special care has to be taken to see that they do not rust or corrode.

Final Verdict

The Viking 3350 is a cleverly designed product. It is by far among the best welding helmets in the market. However, I have some issues with the product. While the helmet is stunning in terms of looks, I found the black coating to have easily scratched away within a couple of hours after purchase, so be careful. Apart from this, the helmet is extremely well made and durable. If you are looking for an upgrade from the beginner entry point welding helmets, this could be a dependable headgear to opt for.

  • October 10, 2016
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