Jackson Safety WH70 Welding Helmet Review

The Jackson Safety WH70 BH3 has often been considered to be the gold-standard when it comes to protective head gears. In fact, the helmet uses its patented Balder technology gives it a critical advantage over many of its competitors. In this article, I have tried my best to throw light upon the various important aspects of this highly popular welding helme. Investing in a reliable welding helmet is the second most important thing to do in our profession, the first being choosing the right welding machine. For me, safety comes before anything and that’s what motivated me to pen down my experience with the Jackson Safety WH70 BH3.

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Features in a Nutshell

  •    The first thing that I noticed on wearing the helmet was its exceptional clarity. The Balder technology really accentuates the quality of vision that this helmet provides. It makes you feel almost as if you were welding in high definition. Needless to say, the view is extremely clear, and the lens in their darkening range are equipped with a shade range that can be varied from 9 to 13
  •    Your welding gear should be capable of protecting you, and the Jackson Safety WH70 BH3 takes its job quite seriously. The helmet provides an all-encompassing protection to the face with special emphasis on the eyes. It is also equipped with settings for adaptability to different environments and duration.
  •    The Jackson Safety WH70 BH3 comes with a unique curved outer lens that helps you to avoid the spatter as compared to the flat lens.
  •    The best part of the gear is that it can be adjusted and modified to fit any head. Even the lens distance from the eyes can be adjusted.  

The Positives

Optimum Durability

Welding, undoubtedly, is a risky affair. I won’t simply settle for anything but the best security equipment provided I’ve had many nightmare experiences in my initial days of welding. I’ll give Brownie points to Jackson Safety for its ability to sustain under a terribly high temperature for long hours. Unless you’re too careless, this helmet will stand through almost everything for years.

Lightweight yet Strong

The perfect (and quite oxymoronic) balance between comfort and robustness is one of a kind. The helmet is made from a high-density plastic and aims at high impact protection while you are welding. The unique design of the helmet also helps you in better fume detection, all thanks to its unique aerodynamic shell design.

The Auto-darkening System

I have used many welding helmets with this feature, some of them were pretty damn expensive too. It can be extremely tricky to produce fine welds if the shading is too dark. Fortunately enough, this helmet is equipped with quite possibly the best auto darkening lens I have ever seen. It lets you have a clear view of what you’re doing under any lighting condition.

Added Perks

The helmet is extremely well designed and can be very easily adjusted. The best part is it doesn’t feel cumbersome. It was on using the product that I found out that the curved front plate of the helmet actually helps reduce reflection fogging and heat build-up.

The Negatives

The Jackson helmet, though extremely potent does not come cheap.  In fact, it is a bit on the more expensive end, and this may be a problem for buyers with limited budgets.

Wrap up

The first thought that had crossed my mind on seeing the Jackson Safety WH70 BH3 was that I had never seen a more beautiful helmet. While specifications say that the shades are 9-13, after extensively using it, I’d say that the helmet is more in the 8-14 range. While it did blow a hole in my pocket, it is extremely durable and very light. The closest competitor to the Jackson Safety WH70 BH3 weighs double its weight. Truth be told, it is a huge upgrade from what traditional welding helmets are like. Hope this review helps clear all your doubts regarding this product.

  • October 9, 2016
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