Hobart Handler 140 MIG Wire Welder Review

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Looking for a portable MIG wire welder you can count on every time? Congratulations! You’ve shortlisted the right model.

Hobart 500559 Handler Wire Welder, also sold under the name Hobart Handler 140 MIG Wire Welder, has presently taken the industry by storm. This ergonomically sound, easy-to-operate and carry wire feed welder works finely on standard household current.

The unit is rated for 140 amps at 115 volts which even makes entry-level welders like me look professional. It doesn’t mean MIG 140 is only meant for simple welding operations, the dependable unit is equally instrumental for demanding tasks like automobile repair, auto body work, and commercial farm projects.

Evaluation of the Product Features

Each unit of Hobart Handler 140 MIG Wire Welder is sculpted and manufactured in Ohio, US. The 10” long MIG gun comes with a 10” power cord and a solid ground clamp. Since the unit runs on 1115 volt household current, you won’t have to struggle to find a suitable source of power or generator to start welding. The manufacturers recommend a 20 amp circuit for maximum functionality. The drive system for the welding wire is built from industry-level cast aluminum parts. It allows a quick release action for swapping out the welder wire.

In the box, you’ll find a roll of flux core wire. A bus bar is attached right above the drive system that helps switching the polarity from flux core to MIG welding. The dual-groove quick change drive roll and an ergonomic drive roll lever provide extra flexibility over your actions. The high capacity adapter can contain 2 pound rolls on its spindle. The amount can be increased up to 8” spools if needed.

To cover a wide range of welding projects with ease and accuracy, MIG140 offers a variable amperage output of 25-140. The five position tapped voltage control selector gives you the authority to adjust from 24 gauges up to ¼” thick steel for smooth, long-lasting arc. Professional welders will love the wire feed speed control. It saves the extra effort of changing feed rates each time you work.

Instruction manuals often go unnoticed when we talk about specifications of a product. The user’s guide for this model is worth all your attention. It consists of a host of useful instructions and pro tips on welding for the beginners. Hobart, more than a manufacturing company, understands welding is an art that requires a lot of skill and practice. The dedication they have showed by providing such a well-documented guide alone speaks for their standard.


The real advantage of this amazing portable wonder is the construction of the machine. It seems like each and every unit was installed to push you to deliver your best. Not only the parts are capable of withstanding corrosion, rust and heavy workload, there’s Hobart’s industrial warranty to back them up.​

My Views

I've found this Hobart unit to be one of the best in its class. Hobart 500559 Wire Welder is a friendly welding tool for home-owners as well who claim no expertise over this art. Be it normal repairing work or meticulous auto body panel operations, this equipment never fails to live up to your expectation. If you're in the market for a capable MIG welder, the MIG 140 might be a really good option.

  • December 18, 2015
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