Hobart 770753 Pro Variable Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet Review

Welding, grinding, slicing, cutting metal is a tough job, it involves an enormous risk. Therefore, it is imperative that your face and arms are adequately covered so as to reduce the threat of any external damage. This is where helmets, face masks and other protection gear come into the picture.  From the first look, I found this to be a competent and robust welding helmet. The Hobart Pro Variable welding protective head gear is a rage among both casual and professional workers. Let us delve deeper into the many features and perks offered by this device and to know if it is a profitable investment.

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Hobart is a leading brand well-known for its electronic and protective gadgets, and the 770753 model is only carrying forward that reputation. Armed with a robust and sturdy framework, vast viewing area and expandable shade settings, the Hobart 770753 is an impressive model in the industry. This auto-darkening welding helmet is a good fit for practically all welding applications. It uses PRO lens in all of its modes to ensure optimum performance and endurance even in extremely hot conditions. Browse through the short but detailed review below to know more:

The Important Features and Technical Specifications

  •    The massive 9.02 viewing space offers excellent visibility and clarity. And the use of auto-dark lenses further helps you work better without compromising on your vision.
  •    This helmet has a variable shade ranging from 8-13 with shade 3 being the lightest of all.
  •    The lens offer a high speed of 1/30000 square inches that works just as smoothly in both weld and grind modes
  •    The sturdy yet lightweight helmet is made of polyamide, a complex and powerful chemical that give the helmet its lightness.
  •    The four sensors embedded onto the body ensure accuracy in welding. The red dots set in front of the helmet improve the chances of hitting the arc sparks in any welding position.
  •    The headgear is surprisingly very comfortable with its inner padding and an adjustable rubber band.


Effective Protection

Eye protection is of the utmost importance when it comes to welding. Take this from a person who almost lost his eyes once. To be honest, wearing this head gear made me feel safe. The auto darkening feature and shades ranging from 8-13 offer varying degrees of work modes in both grind and weld actions. The dual protective covering keeps your eyes safe from heat radiation and dust.

Improves Accuracy

There are four embedded sensors or red dots on the body that boost the efficiency. Also, the high lens speed and flexible ratcheting gear contribute to the success rates.

Smart Sensors

There is an indicator built inside the mask that informs the user when he/she needs to change the batteries. The frame runs on 2 lithium batteries that are readily available. Also, the internal control feature reduces the risk of hazards by helping you work freely even in a confined environment.


  •    The material feels a bit cheap, not exactly what I expected from a leading brand like Hobart.
  •    The helmet is not recommended for overhead welding position as the molten metal can stick to the insides of the body and damage it.

The Final Word

Robust, reliable and highly responsive, the Hobart Welding Helmet is a sure keeper. When you go shopping for a welding helmet, do not choose the first product that you see. Take your time and consider the features offered by each brand before you make a decision.

  • October 4, 2016
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